We operate as the fitness market. In our stock you will find every brand that you have to look for in seperate companies. We offer devices:
  • Cardio equipment,
  • Training benches,
  • Equipment for Crosstraining,
  • Training benches,
  • Gates and cable machines, 
  • Fitness accessories,
  • Weight plates, bars, dumbbells
  • Rubber sports floors,
  • Gym lockers.
We are one of the biggest company in Europe providing machine regeneration at such a scale and at such wide range. We give the equipment the new life. During our 10 years of experience with the used equipment, we have created our own procedures that allows us to refabricate machines, thanks to which the used machines do not differ much from the new ones. We have designed our own 10-step regeneration process.
Customised approach to the machine look distinguishes you from the competition and creates the company’s image. Within that service we propose customisation in:
  • Paint colour, we offer a wide range of colours,
  • Upholstery colour and structure as well as the lining,
  • Branding (Your logo on the machine in the spot indicated by you,
  • Graphics (you may propose a text or a emblem),
  • Display settings (if the device allows it).
We provide service during and after the warranty period. We also offer assistance to customers who posses third party machines. We have our remote service office in Germany for quick reaction.

Depending on what kind of gym machine will our customer need and what knowledge do they have – we advise in the scope of club visualisation, location, and the equipment complexity and management systems with the complete know-how in the gym management scope.

For the new investors who have not had any experience in the clubs management, we have devised a special offer, thanks to which we plan the entire business, for which to create we need the venue blueprints.

The cooperation stages, through which you will be guided by our Advisor:

1. Choosing the location of the future club,

2. Visualisation with zones division (3D, 2D, vertical projection and animated guide),

3. Equipment list creation,

4. Financial advisory,

5. Preparing the equipment shipment formalities,

6. Shipment arrangement and onspot install,

7. The club crew and machines staff training,

8. Providing service both during the warranty period and after its end.

We also offer:

  • lockers – metal or laminated adjustable to a customer needs.  
  • professional rubber floor – resistible and durable shock floor matts, ideal for training conditions where the floor is risked with dropping weights.
  • hand showers saving the water usage.