Personalization of equipment according to your preferences

Personalization of sports equipment

Today the possibilities of choosing a training place are enormous, the value of the details has increased enormously.

We are looking for what is original and unique, surprising and unusual. The answer to increasingly high expectations is individualisation, as well as searching for additional opportunities to get the customers settled into our brand.

What can be personalized?

We give you a wide range of possibilities:

Selection of any frame colour from the RAL palette.

The same machine available in different colors is unbeatable. You choose from the RAL palette and you are sure that your devices will refer to the interior design or club colours.

We paint both metal and plastic elements. Our modern paint shop has almost limitless possibilities. Technology at the highest level, which is what you expect from us.

Choice of upholstery colour and texture.

The high quality of materials we use extend the lifespan of upholstery. The savings starts here when there are no problem with cracked seats and you do not need replace the upholstery. We offer you both smooth surfaces and elegant designs. The customer’s comfort and impression are most important.


Choice of thread colour, graphic embroidery, inscription

It is a good idea to embroider your logo or slogan on upholstered elements. It is also possible to gently refer to company colours by using the appropriate thread colour.


Display individualisation

If only the equipment has such a function, our service will install a logo or a home screen created by you.

You’re looking for something special. The products you buy today are created especially for you and meant to be one of a kind. We understand what drives the success and that’s why we give you such a wide range of possibilities. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.